Dr. Kimberly Ayers

I am an Assistant Professor in the math department at California State University San Marcos. My research is in the area of dynamical systems and ergodic theory. Prior to joining San Marcos, I held positions at Carroll College in Helena, MT, and Pomona College, in Claremont, CA. I got my Ph.D. in mathematics from Iowa State University in 2015. I also have a B.A. from Bowdoin College.

My email address is kayers[at]csusm[dot]edu.

I ascribe to the axioms written by Federico Ardila:

Axiom 1. Mathematical potential is equally present in different groups, irrespective of geographic, demographic, and economic boundaries.

Axiom 2. Everyone can have joyful, meaningful, and empowering mathematical experiences.

Axiom 3. Mathematics is a powerful, malleable tool that can be shaped and used differently by various communities to serve their needs.

Axiom 4. Every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

These statements should not sound revolutionary, but considering the current practices of the mathematical society, they are a pressing call to action.

Media Appearances

I have appeared on My Favorite Theorem and done an interview with the LGBT Tech PATHS Program.


In my free time, I enjoy skiing, cycling, and rock climbing. I have two dogs named Hilbert and Moose, and a cat named Copernicus.


You can find my CV here